Plumbing is a piping system that constitutes the form of fluid transportation that is used to provide water to businesses and homes. Plumbing conveyors also remove waste in the form of sewage.

Tubes used in any plumbing network should be strong and durable. In addition, they need to be non-corrosive.

Types of Plumbing

Sanitary System

It is used to dispose of waste coming from things such as doing laundry.

Stormwater System

It is used to remove excess water away from your house.

Potable Water System

It enables you to use water within your home. The system has valves and meters. A valve is used to cut the water supply while a meter tells you how much water is used.

Maintenance of Your Plumbing System

Maintenance involves:

Checking lubrication levels and umps, meters and test gauges

Repairing faulty components and fixtures

Verifying the operating system

Regulating the flow and usage rate

Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing supplies include tools and equipment in utility spaces or behind walls.

They include:

Water meters

Heat exchangers

Expansion tanks

Backflow preventers

Control systems

UV sterilization lights

Water softeners



Water filters

There are many tools a plumber is required to have for them to do a good plumbing job. Most of the simple plumbing tasks are completed within with few handheld tools. However, a plumber needs specialised tools specifically designed to make their job easier for more complex jobs.

Specialized plumbing tools include:

Pipe vise

Pipe wrenches

Flaring pliers

Pipe bending machine

Pipe cutter

Soldering torches

Crimp tools

Finding The Best Parts For Different Plumbing Jobs

In any field, training and expertise are required. There are also policies and safety standards set by authorities. Plumbers should be familiar with all regulations, and they should strive their best to uphold them.

Besides, they should use quality equipment and tools for any plumbing task. However, it is not a walk in the park to find the right parts. There are so many stores dealing with plumbing tools and equipment.

Explore several stores, visit their websites, read reviews, and get recommendations to find the best parts.